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Road and Storm Water Construction

1.Major Roads and Storm-water Earthworks.
2.Road pavement layers construction.
3.Road Surfacing from Bitumen ,Asphalt and Chip and Spray.
4.Laying of Pavement Blocks for low volume access roads.
5.Storm water management system including laying of storm-water underground.
6.Pipes of all diameters.
7.Construction of in-situ storm-water open channels and canals.
8.Construction of culverts, storm-water manholes, catches pits and kerbs.
9.Construction of storm water attenuation ponds.
10.Storm water erosion protection systems including stone pitching, Gabions and energy dissipaters.

Water and Sewer Network Installation

1.Earthworks for all pipe trenching for sewer and water bulk and internal reticulation systems.
2.Pipe-laying and testing of all sewer and water pipes for both bulk and internal Sewer and water systems.
3.Construction of pumps stations for both sewer and water infrastructure.
4.Construction of Water reservoirs and Towers.
5.Construction of Potable Water treatment works.
6.Construction of Sewer effluent treatment Works.

General Building and Engineering Services

The construction of residential buildings is labor-intensive and requires the supervision of numerous builders, electricians, plumbers and carpenters. The company also specializes on the following:
1.Construction of Low-cost Housing Schemes.
2.Construction of Middle-Income Townhouses.
3.Construction of private house developments with mixed income group.
4.Construction of Pump-station Houses.
5.Construction of Maintenance Buildings and Storage Sheds.
6.Renovation of existing building.
7.Structural Integrity on all existing projects.
8.General Maintenance of Building Infrastructure.